2019 Junior Golf

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4811 Airport Road, Pullman WA 99163

Why not grab all your friends and sign up for Junior Golf?

Golf is a fun sport to play with family, friends, and in a team environment.

Golf is engaging and can be useful for a lifetime in many different situations from business, to socializing, bonding, and competition.

Golf truly is a game for life and one where a Grandparent can play with a Grandchild.

Golf is a game of respect, honesty, and fairness. 

Golf contributes to the development of a responsible person.

Do you want your kids outside and engaged in a healthy, lifelong activity? 

Junior Golf is a great experience for kids helping shape their skills both on and off the course.

Do you want your kids playing and learning in a social, team environment?


Call (509.872.3092), email, or stop by, today, and get your child enrolled.


What skill level does my child need to be at to participate?  Junior Golf is for every level including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

How long is each lesson ?  One hour

What ages can enroll?  4-18 years of age

What ages will be grouped together?  4-9, 10-18

What is the 2019 Junior Golf Schedule?  Every Tuesday and Thursday between June 18th and July 25th – Week 1: June 18th and 20th, Week 2: June 25th and 27th, Week 3: July 2nd and 4th, Week 4: July 9th and 11th, Week 5: July 16th and 18th.  Hours?  Ages 4-9 at 8 am, Ages 10-18 at 9am.

What equipment does my child need?  If your child has clubs, please bring them.  If not, please let us know you will need clubs at the time of enrollment so we can make arrangements.  Also, a glove is recommended for children over the age of 8 years old to prevent blisters.

How can I enroll my child?  Call (509.872.3092), stop by (4811 Airport Road, Pullman WA  99163) or email us at info@airwayhills.com for the forms, today.

What is the cost per child?  Early Enrollment is 129$, which ends June 1st.

Will snacks and drinks be available? Yes, light snacks, drinks, and even some ice cream will be available for purchase.

Can parents watch their child participate in Junior Golf?  Yes, parents are more than welcome to watch and interact with their own child during the lesson.